Our paper products are made through the art of traditional handmade paper making of Nepal. We use perennial grass lokta, which is grown in high mountainous region of Nepal. However, with time we added further waste materials in the handmade production such as agriculture waste, cotton rags, waste paper, and recycled paper. Currently these recycled materials have become the major source of our paper products.


Our efforts have been validated with rigorous third-party certifications. We received 5th Artisan Recognition Award, 2009 by World Fair Trade Organization. Get Paper is an ISO 9001certified company. Along with the quality standards, it is also an ISO 14001certified company adhering to environmental standards.



We believe we are only as successful as our workers and our community; that is why we ensure that the rewards of our efforts trickle down to make a positive impact in Nepal. Because Nepal is still a country embedded in its patriarchal roots where women are seen more as a commodity, we are trying to break away from this culture by providing marginalized women with employment opportunities with the mission to empower - 90% of our artisans and workers are women. We became a cooperative with this vision and all our staff members and artisans are part of our co-op.

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