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Mukesh founded Get Paper Industry with his brothers in 1982. While paper was his passion, his carrier in Environmental management took him on a journey to Japan to work with Asian Productive Organization, an international NGO with a mission to contribute towards the sustainable socioeconomic development of Asia and pacific through enhancing productivity. After working at APO for more than 25 years, Mukesh boldly decided to go back to academia and pursued a doctorate in climate change impact from South Illinois University, USA. 


Mukesh is now based in Lynwood, WA  and is working as a climate change consultant and founded Green Value US to expand GPI's market in the United States.



Priti's passion has always been in working towards creating a more equitable world. Born in Nepal, Priti grew up in Japan and went to England for her studies. She holds a BA degree from University of Liverpool in International Business and Finance, and a Master’s Degree from the London School of Economics in NGOs and Development, with a focus on social policy and gender and development. Priti is now based in Seattle, WA. 

In addition to her work at Green Value, Priti is also the Director of Programs at Perennial, a transformational leadership development organization that works with social justice leaders from around the world. Priti also serves on the board of Rukmini Foundation, a nonprofit organization that focuses on girls’ education and empowerment in Nepal.


Marketing Analyst

Deepti is a Marketing and Customer Success Expert with 15 years experience. Deepti received her Bachelor’s in Marketing and International Business with a minor in Japanese from University of Mississippi and an MBA in Global Business from Sawyer School of Business at Suffolk University. Deepti has worked in United States, Japan and Nepal across companies of different sizes and industries. Her forte is branding, public relations and high end customer success.

Deepti began her career working on marketing at Nissan Japan. After her MBA, she served as customer success associate serving high net worth individuals at Merrill Lynch, UBS and JPMorgan Chase. Recently, she advised GrowByData, a big data retail analytics firm on branding. She also actively drives marketing of Clinic One, a retail preventative healthcare firm.  



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