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Nepal is one of the poorest countries of the world. A large segment of its population has limited access to health care supports. Get Paper has been trying to help its producers and community with medical supports they need. Get Paper has been organizing health camps on annual basis for its producers and the community. At the same time Get Paper is also providing subsidies to the medical bills of its producers apart from providing them access to annual health camps.

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Get Paper also provides medical support to our producers and we believe this is an important part of our business. The concept of Medical insurance is virtually non-existent in Nepal and every family has to cover their medical expenses completely out of their own pocket, without any government support. Apart from annual health checkup that is provided in our Health camp, Get Paper also covers up to 50% of medical expenses of their producers and their families.



Health Camp- Support to producers and communities Every year Get Paper organizes free health-camps for
our producers and local communities, including women and children. Access to quality medical facilities in rural areas of Nepal is still very rare, with people having to travel hundreds of miles to get to the nearest hospital. By having a health camp, Get Paper ensures that our producers, their families, and the local communities have what they need to lead a healthy and happy life. In this health camp professional medical providers conduct basic health checkups and physical examinations for more than 500 people. They also organize mobile laboratory blood tests for the producers and members of local communities including women and children.

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