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Due to extreme poverty that is prevalent in the Nepal, Girls trafficking, which is the acquisition of girls by improper means such as deception, force, or fraud, with the goal of exploiting them to other countries, has been one of the biggest social problems of our country.


Girls are often lured with the promise of money or better wages and eventually forced to be sex workers or forced labor. We are working with communities to spread awareness about these trafficking threats, especially targeting girls. Girls from age 13 to 25 years from various communities are encouraged to form a support group. Awareness program is conducted in these groups to both educate and inform the girls about potential trafficking problems and threats they may encounter. These girls are actively engaged in campaigning against girls trafficking in their respective areas. Currently there are 34 support groups in different communities, with 15-20 girl-members in each group.


Since poverty is considered the root cause of girls’ trafficking, we believe creating awareness is not enough. The girls are also encouraged to conduct income-generating activities to empower themselves and make these support groups sustainable. Get Paper provides provision to these groups in various income generating programs such as beauty parlor training, chicken farming, goat keeping, buffalo keeping, cow raising, paper making, chef training, and felt production. The groups also run saving and credit programs. Get Paper provides these groups technical and professional training using professionals and also provides seed money to initiate income generating activities.


Beauty Parlor training under anti-trafficking program is a very well received training. Get Paper organizes a yearly six-month beauty parlor training program for any girls who are interested in this program. The high demand of the training attest to the popularity of such program amongst the girls.



Goat Keeping is another one of Get Paper’s popular income generating activities under anti-trafficking program. Currently, we have more than 12 girls who are engaged in this program. Sunita, who belongs to Manohari girls group, is an exemplary example for the success of this program. With the right support, she has generated an annual income of Rs 200,000 ($2,000).



Tailoring is another popular income generating activity for the girls. Get Paper provides girls who are interested in this activity with the right skills training and the equipment they need to start their own tailoring businesses. This is a highly desirable skill and provides a decent income opportunity for many girls in the rural areas.



Chicken farming for girls is another successful outcome of Ant-Trafficking Program. Get Paper provides both training and seed money to start a chicken farm to interested women. Benu Bista (pictured above) successfully established a chicken farm under this program. Benu is generating sustainable income for her family and has managed to send her young daughter to school.

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