We are socially responsible.

4% of the profit from every product we sell goes towards social welfare and development efforts to alleviate poverty in Nepal. We empower marginalized women by creating employment opportunities and play a major role in tackling social development issues of Nepal. We fight for social justice and equality by advocating for girl’s education, promoting anti- human trafficking awareness programs, and producing income generating activities for women.  We have also been instrumental in opening and running 5 schools in rural Nepal, where we provide free education for impoverished families. We protect our environment by using recycled materials for our products. We give back to mother nature by implementing tree plantation programs.



We strive to adopt environmental friendly techniques and practices in our operations. These methods include various recycling techniques, solar drying of the paper, using solar energy to run our office and waste water treatment. We believe it is not enough to be environmentally conscious, therefore we support our local communities by spreading awareness of the importance of caring for the environment.


One of the goals of Get Paper is to serve the community and society in which it operates. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world with per capita annual income is less than $100. We are trying to reach the communities through a number of ways and support programs.


One of the major objectives of Get Paper is to create employment opportunities for marginalized women, who are facing economic hardship or are socially disadvantaged with limited skills and education. Every year Get Paper tries its best to create jobs for women and it is a matter of great pride for Get Paper that 90% of its producers are women.


In Nepali societies, girls are treated like a commodity and unfortunately seen to be less valuable than boys. Girls also tend to get married off at an early age, often leading to parents not wanting to invest in their growth and well-being. Because of this perception, girls are robbed of their basic right to attend school and attain a meaningful education.

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